Be positive, a way of life!

It is raining today, grey and apparently miserable out there! It is so tempting and effortlessly addictive to focus on the dark negative side of things. Negativity has a weird power to take control of our minds. In the blink of an eye, it turns up and powerful as a tsunami washes your positive thoughts away. You find yourself trapped in the swirls of pessimism and desolation. Hopelessly devoted to a deep well without access to the surface. Dramatically drained by a twister of blackness. You can help giving in! I have been there, still am sometimes but nowhere closer to as much as I used to!

I think I have been negative enough so far! Let’s be positive, because there is hope out there! Ohhh yeah! Mind can be trained to focus on the bright side of life as Monty Python sang! Not easy but very rewarding! Over the years I have had the privilege to learn from others around me. Seeing how they face and cope with life has been an incredible gift! My creative magni (as per my previous blog ), always encouraging me to stay positive, reminding me to smile more.

My brother also. He probably doesn’t know the influence he has had on my positive life approach transformation. He has unconsciously been teaching me the power of an optimistic way of life. Despite having been through a lot, he has always held on with a remarkable ear-to-ear grin. Always looking for those little things that bring so much joy. One of his quotes is: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Just turn something sour, bitter and difficult into something positive! Despite being a bit younger than me, his endurance to remain positive is outstanding. Massive thanks!

More recently, my partner! He is probably one of the most positive person I have ever met!!!   Evergreen positive mindset. Always carrying a broad smile on his face. He is capable of finding the bright side in the most difficult situation. His action plan is to positively focus on the here and now and to look forward to the future. Constantly encouraging me to snap out of those low moments and walk them off, so I can change my state of mind and radiate positivity. He has given me the last kick for me to hugely progress on my positive way of life path.

The more positive I am, the more positivity I draw into my life. The more positivity I bring in, the more I relish life. The more I enjoy life, the happier I am! What you think it is what you attract! It takes great effort to create a new habit but the outcomes are priceless! A year and a half ago I was driving back from The Hill of Tara when I got stuck behind a tractor! My first reaction was to complain about it, but then my positive approach kicked in! I turned up the music, fully opened the window and took in as much I could: the fresh air, the sun shining through the trees, the colour of the fields, singing along! What an enjoyable experience it became! To my surprise, I completely forgot about the tractor in front of me! It is just a matter of creating a positive reaction practice: we cannot control what happens to us but can definitely learn how to positively react to it.

You can find positivity everywhere, in everything and whenever you are ready for! Even though it may look unachievable, it is easily doable! Get up with a smile every morning. Be grateful for every single little chance life offers you. Admire the beauty that surrounds you. Embrace the sunshine, the rain, the clouds, the blue skies, the stars, the moon. Cherish what nature presents you with: that tiny flower making its way through the foliage, that unexpected butterfly flying next to you, the birds singing out loud, the water flowing down the hill after heavy rain. Breath in the pretichor, the sea breeze, the smell of freshly made coffee. Savour the taste of homemade jam, the joy of cooking, a nice meal al fresco. Squeeze every second, every opportunity. Just take a deep breath and smile.

Life wakes us up with plenty of choices to be positive! Don’t waste them! Make “be positive” your way of life! You will never regret it, for sure! As Buddha said:  “We are what we think! “

Jay Cee Moon ©

Those little gremlins!

I am starting to get addicted to blogging, who would have said that? Not me, for sure! I keep finding my mind busy looking for new lines to be written! What a great feeling! I will stick to life experiences for a while as it is where my head is at the moment. Nature, music and Ireland will have to wait!

I have been trying to learn to cope with the little voices over my shoulder for as far as I can remember. I have to admit that I have not succeeded in murdering them, as they keep popping up! However, I am on the right path! I have been through different phases, gaining the strength to deal with them.

Rather than calling them those little voices I decided to name them as “those little gremlins” a few years ago. I think it suits them better! They were very powerful and could lead my thoughts to a dark corner nearly effortlessly. Nasty little creatures! So unreal but at the same time so persuasive. They just turned up out of the blue to take control of my mind. It requires great strength to silence them as well as huge will of steel to get rid of them. Once you dressed yourself with willpower everything is possible!

Those little voices were the ones that went straight to the core of my self-esteem. The ones that used to bring loneliness tsunamis. The ones that took over the positive approach to life. The ones that made me feel not worth it. The ones that fed both guilt and shame. Tiny but devastating. Those nasty little creatures!

It has taken me time to learn how to live with them.  Shutting them up forever may look like impossible mission. I have moved from letting them take control of my here and now to just welcome them and then wave goodbye to them. There was also an intermediate phase when I tried to fight against their presence, shouting at them thinking that would work and those gremlins would disappear. It didn’t work though, moreover they were getting stronger as I was fueling them with my anger. Admitting that the whole situation had turned into a draining loop gently guided me to a new mentally healthier approach: those little gremlins are just tiny and weak!   

Despite them still being around every now and again, I am the boss! Whenever those little gremlins dare to appear, I greet them and immediately kindly instruct them to leave. I do not want to waste my time, they are not worthy as I am, and I definitely have better things to do! I am now in charge, so the power is in my hands. It may sound foolish but they know it! Those little gremlins are now aware that they can no longer rule my life! With my determination I have managed to weaken them! Amazingly amazing!

It is just a matter of strengthening the self-esteem so living together is not such a great deal. Believe me, it is possible! It will not happen overnight but eventually the vicious circle will be interrupted. From then on, life will move from a darker shade of grey to the full bright rainbow. Valuing myself has provided me with the ability to make sure those little gremlins know they are not welcome to linger around anymore. I will not encourage them to sit down for a cup of tea. They will just come and go.

Once you believe in yourself, the impossible becomes possible!!!

Jay Cee Moon ©

Carpe Diem!

I was working on another blog writing but it seems that my inspiration has decided to stop working on that side! Mainly because the topic of this new one was constantly demanding attention! The power of the mind indeed! In fairness, this is a better one to write about taking into account the current situation. CARPE DIEM!

These two words are so powerful and so meaningful! I am sure that everybody has seen, read or heard them at some point. It is an old topic, one of those that are timeless but I am willing to delight you with my approach to it.

It was 1989 when I came across Carpe Diem. I went to the cinema with my mangis to see “Dead Poets Society”! The impact of both the film and the two words were outstanding, we couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. Carpe Diem, Oh Captain my Captain, Walt Whitman poems became all a major part of our daily chats! Without any doubts, Carpe Diem was set as our motto! However, I don’t think we were aware of its real meaning, teenagers mindset! A few years later, 31 to be precise, we still keep reminding each other when times are tough that life is here and now, encouraging the others to get the most out of our present. I will never forget those teenage years! I will always keep my magnis close to my heart! Magnis Carpe Diem heritage!

There was a period in my life, in which I lost myself in the swamps of shame and confusion as I said in my first blog ( ), when the Carpe Diem went missing. Getting myself back meant, among others, digging that concept up and working hard to make it a way of life! It took me I while though as there were a few doors that needed to be closed. Eventually, I managed to be able to focus on the “here and now” again.

Despite not having mastered it yet I have made great progress! My mind is still wandering on future paths, less often that it used to though. It is so easy to surrender to overthinking, to over worrying, to long term envisioning. Mankind nature at the end of the day. The key to seize the very moment relies on not allowing tomorrow to take over today. Easier said than done, but doable! Once you realise how great it is to enjoy those little moments, you will definitely stop to savour what you are doing. As I have already pointed out it is not that simple, I know I still have a long way to go!

The sun coming through the window bringing warmth to the room early in the morning, the silence out in the back garden on a blue skied day, the taste of a freshly made cup of tea together with a piece of homemade cake. Aren’t they all a wonder to absorb? Even so, we can sometimes get trapped in the loop of roaming around our to do lists! In order to minimise this, I have acquired the habit of taking myself back to the moment. It is vital to just simply stop and cherish that very second we are in. Because as someone once said: “the past is gone, the future is yet to come, so what we have is the present”.

Tough times for everyone right now. We are all thinking that the what we have is far from perfect. Despite that, we can try and make the most out of it. Life is here and now! Whether you call it “Carpe Diem” or “Seize the day” go for it! Be mindful of those little things, treasured gold! Embrace the moment, squeeze every second and soak up your soul with the essence of being alive!!!

Better times are coming, for sure.  

Jay Cee Moon ©

One day more, one day less!

It has taken me a few days to get my inspiration up and running again, but here I am ready for another blog adventure. Despite the lockdown and working from home, I seem to be very busy! A few projects going on at the moment! Surprisingly!

I have been using the “one day more, one day less” for a while as I find it very useful. It also comes with a positive touch and a grateful approach. I will go further on this later on. I love making plans, whether it is a trip away, a new project or an exciting challenge. My mind is always bustling with ideas and thoughts, which become plans sooner or later. My imagination goes wild on a daily basis, plotting intrepid adventures for me to jump on! I can’t help it, the bold princess Merida keeps popping up whilst she whispers “let’s do it”! As a result, I usually find myself setting deadlines for my new daring goals.

Deadlines can easily turn into “dreadlines” as we tend not to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel, even when it is blinding. We get surrounded by the thick fog of doubts and lack of confidence along with that dreadful feeling of getting lost in the fears of not succeeding. By taking it day by day, the finishing line is reached swiftly. My “One day more, one day less” has helped me out numerous times, indeed. I try and make an effort not to just focus on the final target, setting up small goals along the way speeds the journey towards the end.

As I have pointed out earlier, my “one day more, one day less” has a positive and grateful side. Rather than complaining and moaning about not making any progress, I prefer to cherish it while getting into bed with a smile in my face. Happy of having make it through another day as well as having moved forward to my goal. One day more because I have had the chance to live it, remarkable gratitude. One day less because I have had the opportunity to get closer to the finishing line, striking positivity. One day more because I can get up in the morning and go for it, outstanding gratitude. One day less because I can move onto the next page, exceptional positivity.

This reminds me of one of my best friends, my creative magni, who is always so positive. It took me a while to be able to take in her optimistic approach to life. I guessed she was always thinking I wasn’t listening to her, but I just wasn’t ready. Being positive is a way of life but you need to be willing to be on the frame of positivity. Waking up in the morning smiling as you breath into a new day is priceless. Going to bed at night marveling at the day you have lived is treasured gold. I am glad she never gave up otherwise I wouldn’t be relishing what’s around me.

We are all stuck in this groundhog day feeling called covid19, it is tough, it is weird but it is what it is. So don’t forget to be positive and be grateful. One day less for better days to be here. One day more for….

Making new memories,

Sharing unique moments,

Gathering dazzling pictures,

A glimpse of our future!

Jay Cee Moon ©

A different angle changes everything

It wasn’t just a one off! I am back!

A long time ago, I watched the film “Under the Tuscan sun”. Although many would consider it to be a softy girlish movie (I could agree to that indeed), it offered me a lesson in life!

I had completely forgotten about it until yesterday. I was on a video call with my partner (covid19 side effects) commenting on how our expectations have changed over the last couple of weeks. So has our appreciation perception of time. We are all always complaining that we don’t have time to do this or that! We do now have plenty of time indeed for some of the things we have been putting aside.

Over a month ago, I had planned a break in my career to have time to write (among others) but covid19 turned up and I had to postponed it. I was so disappointed, so angry, so upset! My plans and wishes had vanished in the blink of an eye. What I was going to do were the only words that kept coming to my mind. Feeling sorry for myself, self-pity moment. Out of the blue, I have found myself working from home and isolated, and it looks like I do have lots of time! That’s what I said to my partner yesterday: I have time! Not as I had planned, for sure, but time is there for me.

I’d better try and link all of this to the film! The main character, after a difficult divorce, moves to Italy where she meets a man who helps get started. They chat a lot about life, friends and wishes; a very nice friendship. Towards the end, he asks her if she is happy with her wishes having come true to which she replies that they haven’t but hopefully will one day. He then points out: “you wanted a family and a wedding, and you got them both. They are not your family and it is not your wedding but… what you wished it is just in front of you in a different way”. What a lesson!

We are so obsessed with our plans and dreams to be as we wanted them to be, that we are not able to appreciate having them right in front of us! That includes me! We picture a life and stubbornly work hard for it, which leads to a loss of perspective as well as obfuscation. I have been there many times. Being capable of stopping and observing it from a certain distance is not easy but very effective. Having someone guiding our sight to another angle is priceless. Our wishes come true more often that we are willing to find out. Slightly twist your focus and there you go!

This time, I discovered it on my own: my wish of having time to write is there for me. It was so rewarding, a boost for the self-esteem. I love it, indeed!

Going back to the film, it gifted me with another great treasure: “Life offers you a thousand chances, all you have to do is choose one”. Wise words! Another of our worries, or at least one of mine: if I had a chance… If only a possibility was given to me… When in fact, I have a thousand chances! How lucky I am. I guess it is easier to complain rather than being aware of the world we have out there. Be brave and go for it, be awake and don’t miss out any opportunities. Once you know endless chances are waiting for you to choose from, life becomes amazingly amazing!

It was only when I got myself back when I realized that countless chances were awaiting me … and then I chose one! Surprisingly, it led me to another one and that to another… and from that many more have been turning up in my life! So grateful! Believe me, a chance opens you a door, afterwards thousands of gates will be right there for you.

Hopefully, I will keep having plenty of choices. Eager to live, hungry for new opportunities to enjoy to the full. And of course, plenty of wishes to come true! They do come true, we only need to step aside to see our reality from different angle!

Just me!

Well, ready to give it a go!

I tend to do things my own way so I have decided not to surf the net for ages trying to find the best way to start my blog… mainly because I am not willing to get trapped in the whirl of panicking in order to come to the perfect first blog writing.

After a few years of having lost myself somewhere down the road of life I managed to get back on the track of just being me. So rewarding! I had put aside far too many things for far too long. I guess I woke up one day and decided that I was tired of constantly acting and pretending to be someone who was not me. Glad I did it! Life can be tough at times, but one should try not to get carried away and delude the self-essence in the woods of desolation. And believe me, it is great to arise from your own ashes (as the phoenix did) and be you again!

The world we live in is endlessly pushing us to mirroring what we see in the social media as well as to forget to value ourselves for who we are. One day we are going to leave this world (hopefully later than sooner taking into account the current situation) and I don’t want to glance back and find out that I lost the chance of just being me.

It takes time, courage and a great effort to be brave enough to be true to yourself but it is more than worth it! If I were to regret something it would only be not having get myself back! Have I said “Brave”? The princess Merida! I often relate myself to her, as very bold, brave, daring, courageous, stubborn, rebellious and headstrong! If I let my curly hair go wild, I definitely look like her, which makes me proudly smile!

I’d better quote the famous “Be yourself everyone else is already taken” by Oscar Wilde. Wise words themselves, indeed. I do keep them in mind, especially on those days when I feel a bit blue and me being me doesn’t make much sense. I am at the point that I’d rather me than someone else who I cannot relate to (at least most of the times).

How does all this lead to my passion for writing and eagerness to get my blog up and running? Well, it is a matter of confidence which only comes when you are content with just being yourself. Feeling in the need to add, a bit of boldness is also a must!

It was in my early teens when I started to feel the urge to put words down in paper, whether it was a few lines, a poem or my thoughts. My teens! Time flies, isn’t it? Over the years, I have always made sure to carry a piece of paper (or a notebook) and a pen with me wherever I go, just in case words pop up unexpectedly. Unexpected words are the best, as so are unexpected new memories. Even in these modern times, my smartphone does not match my old school requirements, you cannot beat the feeling of writing on paper while using a pen!

I am looking forward to sharing my passion for writing with whoever dares to read my posts. Ready for my new challenge but time for my first blog post to come to an end.

Jay Cee Moon ©

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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