A place called loneliness…

Not sure what happened to my inspiration, it abandoned me on New Year’s Eve. It has been gone for several weeks, as if it has been hibernating, taking some time off. It is grand though, it is what it is. We so often do try to push things rather than going with the flow. Luckily, it seems to be around again, somehow at least, despite the gusts of freezing cold wind outside. May the title of my new blog sound a bit depressing; it surely matches the bitter winter embracing us at the moment. Needless to say, there will be plenty of positive twists.

Another difficult topic to openly write about but at the end of the day, it is part of who I am, of my uniqueness. One of those old gremlins of mine which I am still learning to live with.  It has been around for so long that one would think I should be well used to hanging out with him. On the contrary, I am still struggling to cope with. It is powerful, as if it could not be defeated. Definitely one of those you would rarely welcome in for a cup of tea, not even on a cold winter evening. Years go by and there he still is, determined to pay me a visit as he pleases, obviously without notice.

Loneliness turns up unexpectedly. It hits me by surprise with the strength of a devastating tsunami. Untimely disappointing, unpredictably inconvenient, unannouncedly inopportune, out of the blue, there he goes. The coldness of solitude embraces me, the darkness of isolation imprisons me, the bewilderment of incomprehension takes over me. Tears roll down my face completely out of control. Although I do not want to be alone, no one can see me like this. Tears roll down my face unstoppably out of command. Despite desperately needing a hug, nobody can trespass my barriers. Tears roll down my face, uncontrollably out of reach. In spite of requiring the warmth of a chat, I am too embarrassed to talk. Tears roll down my face, I am in a place called loneliness.

There was a time when I desperately wanted to be capable of annihilating this old gremlin of mine. Life taught me a great lesson: he was here to stay! I have now somehow managed to educate myself in how to live with him. One cannot swim against the stream for too long. When on trouble waters you’d better off just staying as safe as possible so you do not drain your energy. Hold fast, keep swimming close to the shore, do not stop breathing. Remain calm, do not let your fears betray you, make sure panic does not conquer your mind. Stay positive, have faith, do not give up. At some point you will reach calmer waters. Whenever aloneness shows up, I avoid the old battle approach. I simply let it be to let it go.

Rather than hating myself for not being able to get rid of this horrendous, upsetting and overwhelming dark side of mine; in lieu of loathing myself for not having enough strength to avoid the unforeseen storm; instead of strongly disliking myself for surrendering to the depths of solitude… I choose to accept that this gloomy me is who I am. I do sometimes go to a place called loneliness but there is nothing wrong with it. Every now and then, I do give in to feeling miserable and misunderstood but it is ok to do so. Once in a while, I let myself down and cry a river but it is fine!

Tears roll down my face, I am in a place called loneliness… I hug myself while whispering that I will be ok… I just need to hold on, the storm will soon be over… I then smile!

Jay Cee Moon ©

I am pretty, I am sexy!

We so often become our worst critics, so inflexible, so ruthless, so harsh. We so often forget to be kind to ourselves. We so often ignore our uniqueness, our beauty, our bright aura!

It has been a while since this blog has been playing on my mind, I guess I was not ready. I could even dare to say the brave girl in me was scared.  Is it such a big deal? Or am I making it such a massive ordeal? When one is used to being unkind to oneself it becomes such a deep-rooted habit that it feels weird to just be nice. I am pretty, I am sexy, I am me!

A few weeks later here I am back to what I was supposed to have published but still unfinished! It is 31st of December, back to lockdown and it is snowing. Hopefully, the magic of the scenery outside will lead my words to my last blog of 2020!

Why am I so hard on myself? Why can I not see the beauty on me? Why do I get trapped with the stereotypes of a society that enhances the majority? We are told to be like the models on the magazines, to be what our parents think it matches the standards of the multitude, to become prisoners of a successful well-paid job? We are asked to follow the patterns, to obey the rules of normality, to not get off the beaten track, to stuck with what the rest considers acceptable, to adhere to social requirements, to get rid of what makes us unique, to give up our crazy dreams, not to quit that job we hate because it pays the bills. We are just asked to be like the crowd and by doing that we bury our individuality.

The world keeps reminding us that we are not beautiful, not sexy, not worth it; that we are too fat, too distinct, too nerd; not intelligent enough, not capable enough, not suitable enough. Sadly, we do believe we are too different to fit in. Focusing on suiting takes us to the madness of losing ourselves. But the thing is: does it really matters? We are what we are, I am what I am!

Not sure if all of this leads to where I want to, I may have probably been going round in circles to avoid facing those gremlins of mine. I often look at the mirror to only see a mid forties overweight woman not pretty enough. How cruel is that! These words, these thoughts, there beliefs just darken my aura, just kill my worth, just bury my potential. Why cannot I be nice to myself? If I look at the mirror again with a smile on my face while reminding me that I am pretty, I am sexy… my own reflection changes completely. A simple smile, a kind gesture, just a wink, a tap on my shoulders… can uplift my morale so I am able to see my beauty!

2020 is coming to an end, just a few hours left, maybe time for my new year’s resolutions? Be kind to myself by looking at the mirror and being able to strongly confidently say: I am pretty, I am sexy, I am me!

For those out there struggling to see their own beauty… Despite what others say, we are all beautiful. Behind those extra pounds, that peculiar way of dressing, the weight of the years one has lived, there is always a pretty human being.

Get “I am what I am” by Gloria Gaynor ready, turn the volume up and feel the prettiness, the sexiness embracing you! You are special, you are talented, you are unique.

I am pretty, I am sexy, I am me. I am proud of myself!  

Jay Cee Moon ©

Making memories!

Life is too short therefore you cannot afford to waste any chances life blesses you with. Make the most out of every instant. If we all kept in mind that “later can be too late”, we would be busy trying to seize the moment we have to relish. Sadly, we tend to postpone projects, what we really want to be doing, and far too often, those little things that make us happy. We just get stuck in that so addictive comfort zone, therefore we become prisoners of our fears. What others will say, what if I do not succeed, how long it would take me to get there, where I will end up, who I am going to leave behind, what sort of excuse I am going to come up with to break with all my ties. No wonder why we just put off our dreams! No wonder why we no longer do what provides us with happiness. No wonder why we forget to cherish those little things!

It is no surprise that one day we wake up and realise that we are living a life that does not match our values, expectations and needs. A life that no longer means anything to us, neither bring us laughter nor makes us feel alive. A life where we are mere spectators, where we feel trapped, where we do not fit anymore in. A life that unimaginably has become ours. How come? Never mind, do not lose yourself trying to figure it out. It is what it is, be brave and move forward! So easy to think it is too late to change, to do what makes us happy, to live our life to full. What a big mistake to make! Not too late, not impossible, not shameful. Still plenty of time left, still possible, still something to be proud of!

It does not have to be glamorous, extraordinary, luxurious. You do not need to spend lots of money, have lots of time, go somewhere else. It does not have to be a massive turnaround, or a life changing decision. Just open your eyes widely and enjoy what you have around you. That ray of sun coming through the window while working from home, getting home to the smell of a freshly baked cake, that nice chat with the shop assistant at the supermarket, sharing that meme that has made you laugh, that unexpected bunch of flowers being delivered to you, that song on the radio reminding you how lucky you are. Once you start being here and now, appreciating what you have, taking in every single minute… your life will become a better place for you to be in. Big changes will eventually take place, for sure, so do not worry too much.

Cherish what you have and let things be. Life is about making memories, because if you are crafting them you are definitely alive. Life is about gathering memories, because if you are collecting them you are certainly getting the most out of it. Life is about enjoying memories, because if you are savouring them you are undoubtedly having the time of your life!  

Do not focus on the big life changing project, otherwise you will miss out your present. Do not concentrate on what is still yet to come, or the future will become your worst enemy. Do not centre on those things you cannot change or which are out of your control, otherwise you will feel helpless. Focus on creating lots of new memories instead! By doing so your life will be just yours, you will be able to shape your happiness and you will not feel trapped anymore. Grab all the opportunities which cross your path, carpe diem.

Remain true to your inner self, stay calm when the storms hit you, hold on to your here and now. When you feel stuck in a moment remind yourself what you do have, smile, breath and remember that there are lots of those little things to be happy for: the cat staring at you asking for some milk, the raindrops rolling down the window on a grey wintery day, the candle flicking wile the tea is being brewed, your partner’s eyes reaching yours with a smile, the excitement of sending an unexpected postcard to a friend of yours, the wind hauling outside at night whilst you are wrapped in bed, the views of a misty morning while driving to work, the autumn coloured leaves on the side of the road, a kiss being blown to you…

Moments count so make loads of memories!

Jay Cee Moon ©

The Music of life!

I am looking out of the window, just a miserable dull day. Lots of rain, windy, not too cold, pretty dark indeed. It would have been very easy to give in and feel down, to mirror the greyness of the day. It would have been effortless to let sorrow conquer my mood, feeling sorry for myself. It would have been not difficult to surrender and let my soul be wrapped with coldness. Oh yeah, all very tempting. It feels like the weather is reflecting the anger, the helplessness, the fears, the sadness, the loneliness, we are all feeling today after the announcement yesterday of another six weeks lockdown.  However, I got out of bed with a smile on my face, another day to live, another chance to make memories, another 24 hours to relish. I turned the radio on so the good vibes of songs could embrace me.

The music of life! The power of songs, they can make you cry but at the same time they can uplift your spirits! If someone ask me to arrange a playlist with my fifty favourite songs, I would not be able to just sum up the songs of my life to such a low number. Music is my life, it comes with me wherever I go. Driving, washing the dishes, writing, out walking, admiring the beauty of nature, working, gardening, being creative with my crafts. Always there, offering me great comfort, great company, great energy. Definitely something I could not live without!

Music nourishes you. Music empowers you. Music lifts you up. It is more than just a mere melody, it is somehow the mirror of your soul. I once read that when someone shares their favourite songs with you, embrace them, because they are giving you a glimpse into their soul. I couldn’t agree more indeed. They hold memories, places you once visited, words that were never said, dreams ready to become true, feelings and emotions deeply hidden. They also bring peace to a restless mind as well as suffocate the anger in you.

A song can make tears roll down your face, make you laugh, make you sing along, make you dance, make you want to run, make you feel lonely, make you smile, make you dream, make you want to live life to full. A melody is capable of taking you back on time, letting you fly to enchanting places, of bringing back memories, of setting you on fire, of hugging you close on low moments, of freeing you from tight chains, of lighting the darkness of down day. So true. So worthy. So powerful!

If I were asked to choose a song today, I would go for “Good Riddance (Time of your life)” by Green Day. For what it is worth it was worth all the while! If you are not feeling great… press play, turn up the volume and let your soul soak in the moment of good vibes! Always remember: Carpe Diem as time flies!

Jay Cee Moon ©

What I can do!

Here I am again! I though it was just a few weeks since my last blog but time seems to have flown. It has actually been more than a month, which is definitely not good. Taking into account what writing means to me, I would dare to say, it is a disaster! Now that cooler days are here, now that sun sets earlier, now that life seems to have stopped again, I have set time aside so I can publish regularly.

I was listening to a radio programme one of those boring mornings  working from home. Although I cannot remember much about it some words stuck on me: we are always focusing on what we cannot do, cannot have, cannot reach… rather than moving to the approach of what we can do. Those words made me think, they have been chasing me around since then, indeed. I am now smiling to myself as I admire a flock of birds migrating to a warmer land as winter is starting to emerge. What if they got trapped on the thought of “we cannot survive in this cold weather, we are going to die”? Those creatures are clever enough to see what they can do, fly somewhere else!

As simple as that: when stuck in a moment, in a situation, in a place, … just head off to somewhere else. You do not need to get yourself a plane ticket to the moon but just change your thoughts so you can see what can be done. You will be surprised as lots of different options come to you: it is just a simple click. Even in the most desperate circumstances one is capable of glimpsing some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.  When you say to yourself there is nothing I can do, you are wrong… there is always something you can change, something you can plan, something you can consider doing. I have been there myself so many times. Trapped in the catch 22 of my own believes and deductions, not being able to step out and be proactive in order to reshape my path. The power of positive thinking is amazing and in the blink of an eye I have moved myself to a what I can do mode! As if a brainstorm had been arranged my mind has effortlessly set up a new scenario with enough steps to follow so success is there to come.

I have also learned that talking things through is vital since we are often blinded by our negative thinking process. Letting someone listen to us can easily dismantle our biased approach. I know, it is tough as we have to expose our inner demons but it is immensely rewarding! When our thoughts reach others, they vanish one after each other in a domino effect. What we assumed was unchangeable, changes; what we consider as unmovable, moves; what we judged as impossible, becomes possible. I have recently been told that I am the only one stopping myself to succeed, not that I did not know that! So true, because when we are caught on the lap of misbelief we forget what we are capable of. At the end of the day, we do have the power to change our thoughts so we can defeat the fear of failure.

Our minds are very powerful, they can drag you down to the well of sorrow as well as lift you up so you can touch the sky. Let them fly us to the moon!

Jay Cee Moon ©

Unexpectedly unexpected!

I am back and no time is also back! Since mid June work has taken over most of my time again, or should I say my energy? I spend seven and a half hours a day in front of the laptop fully focused on reading and more reading. You can all imagine that once I log out the last thing I am willing to be doing is keep on staring at a screen. I only feel like going outside to take care of my plants and get lost in the pleasure and peace of some fresh air, flowers and birds singing. Needless to say, guilt has occasionally turned up, just to kindly remind me that my blog has been left unattended. Sometimes, we just need to accept there is nothing we can do and there is no space for feeling guilty! It is definitely not worth it!

Unexpectedly unexpected, I have the chance to sit down and write today. I am going to make the most of out it so I can finish, polish and publish my blog. Candle on my table, soft music playing on, a cup of tea together with a piece of homemade chocolate and yogurt cake, dark threatening clouds, smell of rain in the air, time to put all my thoughts and ideas together. Perfect setting to let my imagination lead my inspiration. All those words that have been boiling in my mind for the last couple of months are ready to be released. So excited!

How many times do we say to ourselves “I wasn’t expecting that”? Life is full of surprises. Because when we think there is no way out in a tough situation, when we get stuck in a place we do not belong to, when we feel nothing is going to change because we do not deserve it, when we believe that we do not have any other options rather than carrying on, when we are convinced that no matter how hard we try we will still not succeed, when we surrender to our self-pity gremlin…  Live proves us wrong! Isn’t that amazing? Unexpectedly unexpected our dreams come true, our wishes become reality and our hopes turn into our present. This is the magic of life!

All our worries, negative thoughts and despair disappear in the blink of an eye, as if they had not existed. We cannot help it but ask ourselves if the worrying and overthinking was needed or even worth it. As time goes by, probably due to more experience and a thicker skin. I have learnt to let things flow avoiding that unnecessary stressful uncertainty. I have to admit that every now and then I find myself trapped in a cul-de-sac situation where nothing seems to be making sense. I just take a deep breath, remind myself of all I have achieved and smile, while saying to myself that I will be grand. That change, that job, that chance will be there for me in due course. Because things always work out somehow. Because nothing lasts forever. Because hope is the last thing ever lost!

Never let the future rule your present, otherwise you will end up not living your life. Focus on the here and now, work hard for your dreams and… Unexpectedly unexpected that door will open, that impossible will become possible and what seemed out of reach will be there for you!

Jay Cee Moon ©

The road I had to walk alone!

It is been a while since my last blog, needless to say my brain has been busy working on this new one. Ideas, words and lines have been boiling up there as if a magic potion was being brewed. A few changes in my life as another dream has come true, greatly unexpected though. And no, I have not published a book yet, I am living in the middle of the countryside! Which means, my dream number three is now covered (https://jayceemoon.com/2020/05/29/dream-big/). I will soon have to arrange a new wish list. We usually forget that life is what happens to us while we are busy making plans, don’t we? With the heavy rain outside, the smell of petrichor is joining me in this new blog.

Let’s focus on the road I had to walk alone otherwise I will easily get lost on the depths of my latest turns and new dreams to be set. I do have to say that when I started the solo path I was confused and scared, but at the same time very determined to go ahead. I just simply knew I had to walk that path, as if I owed it to myself. Willingness can keep you going without you having to question the need of the journey. I tied up the laces of my shoes and there I was, ready to wander the unknown lonely walk of life.

I vaguely remember the early stages, probably because the enjoyment began before I thought it would. Was this due to the fact that I was in desperate need for this solo adventure? I guess so, as being on my own became the best companion I could have wished for at that time. I unexpectedly found myself in the joys of rediscovering me, of understanding my soul, of accepting who I was. What I expected would be a painful pilgrimage, turned out to be a very pleasant endeavour. It is amazing how life can surprise you! I do recall a wise piece of advice of a good Irish friend: “Do not get lost in the obsession of reaching the end of your road otherwise you will miss out the treasure of enjoying each and every step you take.” I kept that in mind along the way, albeit I was seizing the moment even in the toughest turns and bends of my voyage.

Solitude, the big feared one. Doing everything by myself, another concern. My determination made them both fade so I was able to learn to be comfortable on my own skin. I drove thousands of kilometres, I discovered lots of hidden corners along the emerald isle, I walked and walked. I read many books, I wrote down my thoughts, I listened to thousands of songs. I bought food, I cooked delicious meals, I drank wine, gin and red ale. I had my hair and nails done, I purchased a few smart dresses, I got myself nice perfumes. I went on holidays, I treated myself out, I enjoyed the pleasure of coffee and cake many Saturday mornings. I stopped in the middle of the road to take pictures, I went to the beach on stormy nights, I felt the rain on my skin. I bought myself flowers, I relished soapy baths with candles, I savored the guilty pleasure of dark chocolate. I found myself and cherished me being me.

I also came to know that until we are comfortable in our own skin we should not welcome anyone into our lives. We tend to seek love outside rather than loving ourselves first. We ignore our lacks and request others to cover them. I had been expecting others to do what I was supposed to do. That was for sure the most difficult part of my solo path, taking responsibility for my own happiness, for my self-love. What a lesson!

This has been the road I started three years ago today. Many ups and downs, thousands of pictures taken, lots of lessons learnt, tons of great adventures, loads of memories made. Unforgettably unforgettable, no regrets at all! I can only be thankful to have had the chance of mastering the art of accepting myself and being proud of who I have become over the years.

Happy three years anniversary to me & me!

Jay Cee Moon ©

Dream big!

I am back, just in case you may have thought I had given up my blog!!! It is just that my inspiration decided to take some time off, it could be related to the fact I was off last week too and I was gifted with the joy of the outdoors. I guess it was some sort of mutual agreement!

Dreams do come true!

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among stars” as someone once said.

Do not hesitate and dare to dream big!

If you just sit down to focus on the impossibility, nothing will happen. If you get overcome by the winding and steep road ahead, you will never start the journey. If you do not give yourself a chance, you will for sure regret it. Therefore, load yourself with lots of strength, commitment, determination and a will of steel so you don’t get swayed from your way to your dreams! Do not expect a smooth path or a bed of roses! Get ready for lots of stumbling blocks, drawbacks and despair! Don’t give up, go all the way and eventually you will wake up to your dream having come true!

The most important step is to identify your dream or dreams! Easy task for me as I am always making plans! Two of my three dreams have been following me for a while, the last one came up after my first one came true! Let me fill you in with my three dreams list. Moving to Ireland has been at the top of my list for ages. Writing & publishing a book is just right behind as my passion for writing goes back to my early teenage years. Having a small cottage in the Irish West Coast / countryside with a garden has become my number three recently!  

I first came to Ireland when I was seventeen, just a teenager one would say. But the emerald isle instantly caught both my heart and soul. I got trapped by that Irish Celtic deep connection, the rural way of life, the warmth of its people, the beauty of its countless hidden gems and the constant soul healing feeling. Since then, I had always wanted to move there. In 2017, I left everything behind to make my dream come true!  I will be soon celebrating my third anniversary in this amazing island which has become home to me, unbelievable! Those words have been said and written down so many times as my answer whenever I have been asked why I moved to Ireland… and now are part of my blog! Goose bumps moment!

Amazingly rewarding despite the sacrifices made and all those moments when I felt like surrendering! Dreams come along with a price, it is scary but letting fears win has never been my choice! What a journey it has turned out to be, needless to say hopelessness took over in several occasions. It was a leap of faith in the unknown future, terrifying but I owed to myself, it was my dream! It involved lots of planning, considering, worrying, saving, searching, reflecting, working hard and a bit of panicking. Finding myself at the edge of a cliff a couple of times was tough, that dreadful feeling of desolation and helplessness. When you sense you are about to fail, when you think you do not have any strength left, when you lose your confidence… then you realise that when it comes to your dreams there is always success, energy and faith left! You just pull yourself together and carry on! You can do it, I kept saying to myself! I endured the heavy load over my shoulders as I was not going to give up!

One day, I woke up to my dream having come true! All my struggles, worries and low moments turned into a colourful rainbow of great achievement! What a feeling! Awareness of the hard work and determination! Congratulating myself for such great accomplishment! Delight at having been able to settle down with my dream! I had succeeded! So proudly proud of myself!

My partner reminds me every now and then to look back and gaze at the path I walked mainly on my own! The thing is that we easily forget what we have been through, what we have achieved! As I glance back, a bright smile spreads across my face!  

To myself, to family and friends, to all who came across my path and helped me make my dream come true, thanks!

Jay Cee Moon ©

Don’t take it for granted!

We do take so many things for granted, we are not aware that they can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye! I think this is the perfect way to finish my series of positive blog writings, just for a while though! The last three ones (Carpe Diem; Be positive, a way of life and Gratitude diary) all lead to what probably most of us have been obliged to deal with over the last few weeks due to the lockdowns: we easily forget to value of those little things. What a lesson for us all!

Rushing through life has become so well stablished, so deeply unquestionable, so easily accepted as perfect. But the goal at the end of our plans is just a finish line, the journey is what matters the most. Pausing along the way, admiring the twists and twirls of life, breathing in each and every second. By racing through the road out of control we may reach the end faster but we will definitely miss out those little things which makes our existence more valuable and enjoyable. Go! Go! Go! Run! Run! Run! I am late, I don’t have time, I am in a hurry, I can‘t stop now, I need to finish this… Just a few samples of what we are constantly telling ourselves.

Not easy to admit that we only needed to stop and sit down. Really, in the twenty first century? No way! We have to be on the go all the time! We do not have time to waste! We need to get there as soon as possible! What about the “just get today out of the way”? How many times have we heard this? Wouldn’t it be better to just say, let’s enjoy today while we can! But then tomorrow! Immensely sad, since we have been lacking in appreciation for the moment. Too many things have been taken for granted!

All that we needed was a global pandemic to be able to press the stop button! There has been no other choice for us rather than stopping and feeling trapped in a loop of groundhog days! Not in a million years I would have thought that I would find myself in a lockdown surrounded by fears, uncertainty and isolation. There has been a period of readjustment but the outcome has been greatly interesting!

It is not that I did not seize the moment before but the current situation has made me realise that more focus on “the here and now” is definitely needed! Carpe Diem into its full approach! If you are going to try, go all the way, which can easily be applied to the now! Being mindful of what I have so I do not spend time complaining about what I do not have. Being appreciative of those simple instants so I do not fail to absorb the very second. Being aware of how things can be stolen from us out of the blue so I yearn for eating up every single second life gifts me with.

I have been reading posts in social media (as plenty of time was there for me) and I have noticed an increase in comments around taking stuff for granted. The most soul touching words were from a work colleague: “I am never taking for granted going outside again!!!” So true! Such a powerful message! It clearly holds the aim of my blog. Leaving the house for no reason, getting on a plane to visit family, hugging a good friend, going for a drive while listening to the radio, walking along the seaside, buying a latte when out for a walk, looking into your partner’s eyes, getting a takeaway on a Friday evening, taking pictures of random things, admiring both a sunrise and a sunset, feeling the sea breeze on your face, holding hands, a kiss. I could go on for hours, loads of those little things!  All of them are just a humble reminder of we do take for granted far too often!

Live for the moment.

Squeeze life to the full.

Cherish what you have.

Embrace the here and now.

Appreciate those little things.

Never again, take things for granted!  

Jay Cee Moon ©

Gratitude diary!


Not sure if this blog can end up being a continuation of my previous one (https://jayceemoon.com/2020/04/29/be-positive-a-way-of-life/ ) but I aim to that! The more thankful you are, the more positivity you attract.

Be grateful, indeed! I am not sure when I started to focus on gratefulness, I may have doing it unconsciously before I set it up as part of my daily routines. As far as I can think it was the end of August 2017! You may be wondering why I can remember that with such clarity. Let me fill you in: I had moved to Ireland to make my dream come true (that is for sure another blog, coming soon indeed) and I was struggling to find a job. I was getting close to having to go back when I was offered a role on the 24th of August! You cannot imagine how grateful I was! The following morning as I was driving to work, I could only say to myself how lucky I was, having a job was allowing me to fulfil my dream! It was then when gratefulness became part of my everyday life!

Waking up, getting out of bed being thankful for having found a job was there every single day on my way to work! Radio was always on, so whenever an upbeat song was being played, there I was, thanking the universe!  Depending on the day I also added a couple of more positive thoughts. Eventually, it settled down as powerful habit. Despite having had a bad night sleep, although things weren’t going as planned, regardless of those blue days, gratefulness had become my companion!

Time went by, life surprised me with its weird twists and gratitude diluted. It never abandoned me though, it faded a bit but we sailed the ocean together. Last year, my life coach recommended me to start a gratitude diary on numerous occasions, I guess I was not in the frame or the mood to go for it. Experience has taught me that, only when you are ready, you will find time and motivation. No matter how persuasive others can be, one needs to be willing to! At the end of the day, a piece of advice is just a piece of advice. I do not hang onto any regrets for having taken my time to process and digest things. Just another reason to be proud, indeed!

Four weeks ago, thanks to both my partner and the current situation, I found myself digging a notebook out of my drawer. The right time had come!!! The urge was there, a new challenge had to be set! What an exciting journey ahead! Having the thrill empowers you to go for it! My gratitude diary was born! Happy out, I said to myself!

It is said that it takes 21 days (3 weeks) for a habit to form. After having done 30 days, I can state my gratitude diary routine has settled down! It can be tough to remain positive and have the strength to be grateful when difficult times surround you. Hardship definitely makes everything more valuable! Overall, it has been so rewarding, as well as addictive! I have ensured that I had time to myself to put it down in my notebook, to relish it, to treasure it. I have surprisingly come across more than just one thing to be thankful for! It is easier to presume there is nothing there to be appreciative of rather than cheering those little things which bring a spark into our days.

On top of this, it has made me realise how lucky I am. Having grounds to be grateful for brings along a rainbow of positive thinking. Despair can easily drag you down, gratitude can lift you up. There is a tight connection between gratefulness and positivity: the first one is a strong magnet for the second one. Be grateful so you can enhance your positive way of life!

A smile, a glance, a ray of sunshine, a raindrop, a touch, a kiss. Even in the darkest moments, there is always something to be thankful for!

Even in the darkest moments, there is always something to be grateful for!

Jay Cee Moon ©