Be kind to yourself, or kindness to myself!

I cannot believe that it has been nearly four months since my last blog. How easily one loses lose track of time and gets caught on the naïve thinking of “I still have plenty of time”. How often we forget that time flies, it does indeed! As usual, my brain has been busy working onContinue reading “Be kind to yourself, or kindness to myself!”

The Emerald Isle, my five years anniversary!

Today is the 28th of June, which means that five years ago, I landed in Rosslare!  This followed: saying goodbye to family and friends; an epic drive through France with my car packed with clothes, houseware, and some food essentials; tearful goodbye to my parents at the harbour in Cherbourg; a sixteen-hour journey on theContinue reading “The Emerald Isle, my five years anniversary!”

The Emerald Isle, its people!

I have finally managed to focus on my exciting blog project: my five blogs about Ireland. My humble homage to the emerald isle as I am heading to my fifth-year anniversary of moving here. It is somehow scary to realise how quickly time passes by and seems like only yesterday when I landed in Rosslare.Continue reading “The Emerald Isle, its people!”

Home is where the soul finds peace…

I cannot believe it; my last blog was in August last year! Time flies, doesn’t it? My 2020 blog postings were very productive with plenty of inspiration. On the contrary, my 2021 posts turned out to be a bit quieter, not as I had thought it would though. As I look back, the lack ofContinue reading “Home is where the soul finds peace…”

Making memories!

Life is too short therefore you cannot afford to waste any chances life blesses you with. Make the most out of every instant. If we all kept in mind that “later can be too late”, we would be busy trying to seize the moment we have to relish. Sadly, we tend to postpone projects, whatContinue reading “Making memories!”