The Emerald Isle, my five years anniversary!

Today is the 28th of June, which means that five years ago, I landed in Rosslare! ┬áThis followed: saying goodbye to family and friends; an epic drive through France with my car packed with clothes, houseware, and some food essentials; tearful goodbye to my parents at the harbour in Cherbourg; a sixteen-hour journey on theContinue reading “The Emerald Isle, my five years anniversary!”

The Emerald Isle, its Irishness

June is already here, which means my fifth blog on the Emerald Isle is due! This series started in February as my humble homage to this amazing island which is home to me. Here I am, in June getting the last one ready. I have to say it has been incredibly enjoyable to try andContinue reading “The Emerald Isle, its Irishness”

The Emerald Isle, its landscapes!

I could not have a series of blogs about the amazing Emerald Isle without writing about its landscapes. Captivating, breath-taking and a soul haven. Relaxing, peaceful but at the same time invigorating. Colourful, majestic but dull at a times. Full of contrasts, completely different from the North to the South, from the East to theContinue reading “The Emerald Isle, its landscapes!”