Carpe Diem!

I was working on another blog writing but it seems that my inspiration has decided to stop working on that side! Mainly because the topic of this new one was constantly demanding attention! The power of the mind indeed! In fairness, this is a better one to write about taking into account the current situation. CARPE DIEM!

These two words are so powerful and so meaningful! I am sure that everybody has seen, read or heard them at some point. It is an old topic, one of those that are timeless but I am willing to delight you with my approach to it.

It was 1989 when I came across Carpe Diem. I went to the cinema with my mangis to see “Dead Poets Society”! The impact of both the film and the two words were outstanding, we couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. Carpe Diem, Oh Captain my Captain, Walt Whitman poems became all a major part of our daily chats! Without any doubts, Carpe Diem was set as our motto! However, I don’t think we were aware of its real meaning, teenagers mindset! A few years later, 31 to be precise, we still keep reminding each other when times are tough that life is here and now, encouraging the others to get the most out of our present. I will never forget those teenage years! I will always keep my magnis close to my heart! Magnis Carpe Diem heritage!

There was a period in my life, in which I lost myself in the swamps of shame and confusion as I said in my first blog ( ), when the Carpe Diem went missing. Getting myself back meant, among others, digging that concept up and working hard to make it a way of life! It took me I while though as there were a few doors that needed to be closed. Eventually, I managed to be able to focus on the “here and now” again.

Despite not having mastered it yet I have made great progress! My mind is still wandering on future paths, less often that it used to though. It is so easy to surrender to overthinking, to over worrying, to long term envisioning. Mankind nature at the end of the day. The key to seize the very moment relies on not allowing tomorrow to take over today. Easier said than done, but doable! Once you realise how great it is to enjoy those little moments, you will definitely stop to savour what you are doing. As I have already pointed out it is not that simple, I know I still have a long way to go!

The sun coming through the window bringing warmth to the room early in the morning, the silence out in the back garden on a blue skied day, the taste of a freshly made cup of tea together with a piece of homemade cake. Aren’t they all a wonder to absorb? Even so, we can sometimes get trapped in the loop of roaming around our to do lists! In order to minimise this, I have acquired the habit of taking myself back to the moment. It is vital to just simply stop and cherish that very second we are in. Because as someone once said: “the past is gone, the future is yet to come, so what we have is the present”.

Tough times for everyone right now. We are all thinking that the what we have is far from perfect. Despite that, we can try and make the most out of it. Life is here and now! Whether you call it “Carpe Diem” or “Seize the day” go for it! Be mindful of those little things, treasured gold! Embrace the moment, squeeze every second and soak up your soul with the essence of being alive!!!

Better times are coming, for sure.  

Jay Cee Moon ©

Published by Jay Cee Moon

Me? Well, passionate about life! And of course, writing, photography, nature, flowers, countryside, music, Ireland and so on, wouldn't like to bore you all to dead just with my intro! After many years of not being myself... I am back, willing to share those words of mine with you (writing to oneself is nice somehow but letting others to read and enjoy, it's priceless). I guess I will be changing my intro until it reaches my standards! To start with, I am happy! Enjoy my writings! There will be plenty of them!

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