A different angle changes everything

It wasn’t just a one off! I am back!

A long time ago, I watched the film “Under the Tuscan sun”. Although many would consider it to be a softy girlish movie (I could agree to that indeed), it offered me a lesson in life!

I had completely forgotten about it until yesterday. I was on a video call with my partner (covid19 side effects) commenting on how our expectations have changed over the last couple of weeks. So has our appreciation perception of time. We are all always complaining that we don’t have time to do this or that! We do now have plenty of time indeed for some of the things we have been putting aside.

Over a month ago, I had planned a break in my career to have time to write (among others) but covid19 turned up and I had to postponed it. I was so disappointed, so angry, so upset! My plans and wishes had vanished in the blink of an eye. What I was going to do were the only words that kept coming to my mind. Feeling sorry for myself, self-pity moment. Out of the blue, I have found myself working from home and isolated, and it looks like I do have lots of time! That’s what I said to my partner yesterday: I have time! Not as I had planned, for sure, but time is there for me.

I’d better try and link all of this to the film! The main character, after a difficult divorce, moves to Italy where she meets a man who helps get started. They chat a lot about life, friends and wishes; a very nice friendship. Towards the end, he asks her if she is happy with her wishes having come true to which she replies that they haven’t but hopefully will one day. He then points out: “you wanted a family and a wedding, and you got them both. They are not your family and it is not your wedding but… what you wished it is just in front of you in a different way”. What a lesson!

We are so obsessed with our plans and dreams to be as we wanted them to be, that we are not able to appreciate having them right in front of us! That includes me! We picture a life and stubbornly work hard for it, which leads to a loss of perspective as well as obfuscation. I have been there many times. Being capable of stopping and observing it from a certain distance is not easy but very effective. Having someone guiding our sight to another angle is priceless. Our wishes come true more often that we are willing to find out. Slightly twist your focus and there you go!

This time, I discovered it on my own: my wish of having time to write is there for me. It was so rewarding, a boost for the self-esteem. I love it, indeed!

Going back to the film, it gifted me with another great treasure: “Life offers you a thousand chances, all you have to do is choose one”. Wise words! Another of our worries, or at least one of mine: if I had a chance… If only a possibility was given to me… When in fact, I have a thousand chances! How lucky I am. I guess it is easier to complain rather than being aware of the world we have out there. Be brave and go for it, be awake and don’t miss out any opportunities. Once you know endless chances are waiting for you to choose from, life becomes amazingly amazing!

It was only when I got myself back when I realized that countless chances were awaiting me … and then I chose one! Surprisingly, it led me to another one and that to another… and from that many more have been turning up in my life! So grateful! Believe me, a chance opens you a door, afterwards thousands of gates will be right there for you.

Hopefully, I will keep having plenty of choices. Eager to live, hungry for new opportunities to enjoy to the full. And of course, plenty of wishes to come true! They do come true, we only need to step aside to see our reality from different angle!

Published by Jay Cee Moon

Me? Well, passionate about life! And of course, writing, photography, nature, flowers, countryside, music, Ireland and so on, wouldn't like to bore you all to dead just with my intro! After many years of not being myself... I am back, willing to share those words of mine with you (writing to oneself is nice somehow but letting others to read and enjoy, it's priceless). I guess I will be changing my intro until it reaches my standards! To start with, I am happy! Enjoy my writings! There will be plenty of them!

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